Electric & Water


Alta’s Electricity is supplied by Corn Belt Power Cooperative and is a member of North Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association (NIMECA) sharing generation and transmission resources.  Alta Municipal Utilities staff maintains and services the distribution of electricity to our customers.  Alta Municipal Utilities currently has 2 megawatt generators with the capacity to generate the entire load of Alta and to help the Southern Power Pool (SPP) grid in emergencies.


The city of Alta’s water is supplied by wells #6 and #7 drawing water from the Dakota Sandstone aquifer.  Treatment forced draft aeration is used in treatment and electrodialysis removal (EDR) is used for softening.  Finished water storage is provided by an 84,500 gallon ground storage tank and a 250,000 gallon water tower.  Alta Municipal Utilities staff maintains and services the distribution of this water to our customers as well as perform customer service and water meter installations.  

Water Line Survey (click link)


All charges are net. If payment is not received at City Hall by the 15th day of the month following the billing date, a late payment charge of $10.00 plus 1.5% of the balance due will apply. If the 15th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday; please pay prior to the due date or utilize the dropbox.

Electrical Permits

Electrical permits are required whenever new electrical equipment or systems are installed.  Alta City Code Enforcement does not issue electrical permits or do electrical inspections.  This is done through the Iowa State Fire Marshal for your and your neighbors safety.  The application for an electrical permit is usually completed online at iowaelectrical.gov.  For more information visit dps.iowa.gov.