Basic Cable

Our basic cable TV levels are great for those with less time for television or who desire less channels than digital. Includes the most popular channels with something for everyone including sports, news, cartoons, drama, and more.

Broadcast Starter $41.95
Basic Plus $99.95

Digital Cable

Includes FREE HD!

Clearer picture, more programming, music channels and access to PPV & VOD. Our technicians will deliver and install your digital box, which will allow you to receive digital programming on your television.

Before subscribing to Digital Cable TV, you must first subscribe to Expanded Basic.

Regular Digital Box 1 TV $14.95
DVR Digital Box 1 TV $20.95
DTA $5.50

Additional Boxes/Cards
Regular Digital Box $6.95
DVR Digital Box $14.05

Premium Channels

HBO Package $17.95
Cinemax Package $13.95
Showtime Package $17.95
STARZ Package $10.95
Spanish Package $6.95
Encore $4.95
Sports Package $8.95


Live & on-demand TV. Unlimited recording. On all your devices.

Free trial. No contract. Cancel & restart whenever you want.